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TraficoVoIP has been offering international long distance services to carriers around the world.TraficoVoIP's success is built around our robust international network that has been developed though partnerships and relationships in over 50 countries. We currently provide service to approximately 75+ global long distance carrier customers and partner with over 100 service providers around the world.

Our company offers constant and committed capacity across all networks, with carrier-grade quality transport on both switched-circuit and VoIP interconnections. We work in close partnership with telecommunications companies worldwide to deliver voice traffic reliably and cost-effectively on simple trade terms and via direct correspondent relationships.

TraficoVoIP enables the creation of scalable and easy-to-manage transit VoIP networks (via H323 and SIP), providing call authentication/authorization, information on priority-based and LCR (least-cost routing), CDR processing, and advanced statistics (ASR, cost/revenue, etc.).

When it comes to streamlined successful implementations, TraficoVoIP’s detailed processes give it a clear edge in the marketplace. Our capability is founded on our team's expertise in telco technology, switching platforms, carrier business processes and retail content environments.  We work closely with customers in multi-function teams to bring about highly efficient, speedy and profitable implementations.



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