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TraficoVoIP's networking systems bring world-class voice interconnectivity to carriers of all sizes. TraficoVoIP's unique cloud-based activities and business architecture provides cost effective processes, eliminating the high costs and complexity associated with traditional voice networking systems. Every day, over 70 carriers of all sizes in 14+ countries around the world rely on TraficoVoIP for their voice traffic.

TraficoVoIP’s goal as a carrier’s carrier is to offer the most aggressive pricing for other telephone companies, while allowing them to focus their efforts and resources on maintaining and growing their core businesses in their respective countries.

What truly differentiates TraficoVoIP from other carriers, and makes TraficoVoIP stand out as a powerful choice in the industry, is that we believe that our mission and are passionately driven to offer our time and efforts as a small part improving relationships amongst world citizens tearing down the barriers of communication combining emerging technologies with innovative voice and media applications.

TraficoVoIP is based in Panama with offices in Chile and Bolivia. It is a business division spun off from Amazontel s.r.l. and held by Corsario Trading, Inc. as an strategic business unit.

The Meaning of TraficoVoIP

Trafico (Trah-fee-cou) is a Spanish word that means traffic merged with VoIP technology to deliver voice services creatively and reliably.  It’s what we do everyday, take your voice further.






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Phone: 1 540 999 VOIP(8647)
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