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TraficoVoIP terminates millions of minutes of international voice telecom traffic on a monthly basis. Via the Internet and VOIP (voice over internet protocol), the company trades long distance termination traffic, and everyday, 24/7, TraficoVoIP carries millions of international long distance minutes worldwide.



We offer calls to major world destinations at competitive prices. With our cutting edge technology and reliable network operation team, we ensure that our customers enjoy premium quality VoIP services. Our optimized network allow customers to achieve high ACD and ASR levels for all our major destinations routing telecom traffic to niche markets such as South America, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe.


TraficoVoIP use of the public Internet to terminate calls affords its customers and suppliers better profit margins, as the cost structures on VOIP are substantially reduced. Other carriers are able to take advantage of TraficoVoIP discounted rates, bargaining power, buying power and commitment levels, thanks to its existing and expanding telecom traffic in key global markets, and its competitively priced services.


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